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‘Cocks & ‘Hens

Peacocks are probably my third favourite bird, after penguins and flamingos.  WaitI forgot owlsand toucanshmm, maybe peacocks are my fifth favourite bird.  Anyway, I’m getting side-tracked.  They are very pretty in any case.  I’ve yet to capture a male displaying his train of feathers – surely the holy grail of peacock shots – but here is a collection of my favourite photos to date.

IMG_07871Beak-to-Beak (Palazzo Borromeo, Isola Bella) (Credit: Paul Adnitt)

IMG_45191True blue (Castle of São Jorge, Lisbon)

Others21Bum shot (Leeds Castle, Kent)

IMG_45121Not So Drab (Lisbon, Portugal)

IMG_4491Tentative Chicks (Lisbon)

IMG_42301Snow White (Isola Bella, Italy)


The Train (Holland Park, London)

IMG_4551Elegant Snooze (Castle of São Jorge, Lisbon)

IMG_07921Strut (Isola Bella, Italy) (Credit: Paul Adnitt)