Fauna (Part 2)

I told you that Part 1 could only mean one thing. Feels slightly cheating, though, given I did a series of ZSL posts in between. But you can never have enough animal shots, that’s what I say

Squirrel 1

Startled Tree-Dweller (Greenwich Park: 2013)


Nosy Youth (Temple Newsam: 2012)

IMG_2135Graceful Departure (Lindisfarne: 2009)


Portrait Shot (London Zoo: 2013)


Dragon Bug (London Wetland Centre: 2009)


Always Alert (London Zoo: 2013)

fox cub

Cub Waiting (Kent: 2012)

kookoburraLaugh, Kookaburra, Laugh (Melbourne: 2011)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWeb of Intrigue (Phuket, Thailand: 2008)

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