Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

A selection of photos to illustrate why Paul and I seriously considered moving to Whitstable recently (see my I Heart LDN post for an explanation of why we stayed…). There’s still a good chance we might move to the north Kent coast one day though, so I hope you’ll all come to visit if we do!

IMG_6189Gay Little Huts

IMG_6190Breaking Waves

IMG_6153Bringing Home the Fish


IMG_6193More Colourful Retreats

IMG_6205Boutique Shops and Antiques

IMG_4131Protecting the Tourists (Credit: Paul Adnitt)

IMG_4180Vintage Wares

IMG_6184Pebbles and Shells

IMG_0357Proper Fish and Chips

IMG_5815Gulls Feeding

IMG_4179And Another…

IMG_4163Sun Setting Over The Beach

IMG_4176A Little Bit Special

3 thoughts on “Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

  1. Mark

    Awesome photos Vix!
    Made me very nostalgic – I went to Whitstable a few times back when I was pretending to be a kitesurfer. Such a beautiful spot.


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