All Creatures Great and Small

The lion stood there: waiting;
She did not move – she was not dead, but as if turned to stone.
Muscles taut but motionless;
Eyes fiery and alert, unblinking.
And then –
Slowly, very slowly, she began to stalk;
Advancing quietly, reeds parting to let her through.
The power, the focus, the majesty –
She did not doubt that victory would be hers.
But I did not flee; I did not flinch.
For I was safe with my kind –
In the Antelope House.

– Victoria Wood, Age 10

IMG_6102Wrinkles (Port Lympne: 2011)

pelicanReflecting on the Situation (Sydney: 2011)

IMG_5863Calm and Collected (Kent: 2011)

CockI Will Be Heard! (Mudchute City Farm: 2013)

IMG_5767You Looking at Me? (Port Lympne: 2011)

IMG_5920Disinterest (Port Lympne: 2011)

zoo069Wisdom in Youth (London Zoo: 2013)

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