Yesterday we drove into the Bedfordshire countryside for my long-awaited trip to the English School of Falconry. A whole day of watching, photographing and handling birds of prey: extremely exciting! As well as flying eagles and owls, I also got to hold a kestrel, hug a pelican, and witness a buzzard fight. Now that’s what I call a good birthday present…

IMG_6379American Barn Owl

IMG_6382Gry x Saker Hybrid Falcon

IMG_6660Eurasian Eagle Owl (Credit: Paul Adnitt)

IMG_6409American Bald Eagle

IMG_6497American Barn Owl in Flight

IMG_6352Steppe Eagle

IMG_6405Snowy Owl

IMG_6632Chilean Blue Eagle (Credit: Paul Adnitt)

IMG_6550American Bald Eagle in flight

IMG_6416Great Grey Owl

IMG_6394Red-Tail Buzzard

IMG_6364Great Horned Owl

IMG_6511American Bald Eagle in flight (Credit: Paul Adnitt)

IMG_6628Chilean Blue Eagle

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