Painting the Town Blue

As promised in I Heart LDN (26 April, 2013), here are some of my favourite shots of the ever-changing street art in Shoreditch, east London. The walk is easy to do and takes about two hours, allowing time for regular photography stopsand a pause for cake at the Albion Cafe. Here’s a route I took recently:

Shoreditch mapYou wouldn’t see the same things in these pictures necessarily, but I’m sure the replacement art would be just as good! 

IMG_2559Cartoon Estate

faces art

Unity in Volume

IMG_2551Just Leaning

IMG_9058White Swan

IMG_2523Around the Bend

IMG_9088Twenty Twelve


In the Hand


IMG_9151Stik #2

IMG_2452Finding the Way

IMG_2500Local Resident

IMG_2516Brighten Up

IMG_2492Feelings about the Workplace

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