NYC Streets

It would be a travesty to fail to post some of my pictures of Street Art in New York. Sorry to those who continue to think this is just obnoxious graffiti. You’re wrong.  But sorry anyway.

So, here are some snaps taken mainly around Williamsburg, the Lower East Side and Meatpacking District:

IMG_3263Yes, I Do

IMG_4873Family Portrait

IMG_4729See no, hear no, speak no

IMG_4725Brooklyn, Baby!

IMG_4716Here’s Looking At You



At Least I Know I’m Free

IMG_4897Taking the High Line

IMG_3254Tenement Roots

IMG_4734Sacred Warrior

IMG_4720To Flea or Not to Flea

IMG_4735What’s Up Pussy Cat?

IMG_4708Sci-fi Stylee

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